SHIFT is a multi-stage IMPACT FUND

We want to contribute to bringing back the balance between nature and society through innovation. We believe that innovation plays a crucial role in rebalancing the world we live in and that start-ups are the main driver of innovation. In our view, impact and solid financial returns are not a trade-off but mutually reinforcing factors.

At SHIFT, we look for significant impact regarding climate change, bio diversity, waste, water. We are true early stage investors able to back companies throughout growth, with ample experience. We are a sector focused investor with in-depth knowledge and network. We are committed and hands on and often take the lead in guiding companies to growth. We work with venture/operating partners where needed, providing entrepreneurs with specific sector expertise or capabilities.


  • Circular Economy

    Circular economy

  • Smart Food and Agriculture

    Smart food & agriculture

  • Green/Bio-based Tech

    Green/Bio-based tech

  • Smart Materials

    Smart materials

We invest in innovative companies with:

  • A strong team with ambitious growth plans
  • High impact potential
  • A breakthrough technology that can transform the value chain
  • The ability to prove market potential
  • A strong link to the Netherlands
  • Activities in our investment sectors

If you think your business fits the criteria of our fund please send an e-mail with information about your company to

Way of working

As an investor, we are actively involved on an as needed basis. We assist our portfolio companies to realize their growth potential through regular interaction with management, through strategic support, with technical insights & market intelligence of our partners.

We typically invest €250K up to €5M per company as lead investor and are open to co-investing. Investments are always staged based on milestones. The companies we invest in should have a realistic exit potential after 4-6 years of the investment, preferably through a 100% sale of the company.

SHIFT Invest also provides (pre-) seed capital of €100K up to €500K in convertible loans to very promising start-ups through our Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) Fund which is built around a dedicated partnership with the technical universities in the Netherlands Wageningen University & Research, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Twente and the Dutch research organization TNO.